Surviving The Shift

Being in transition is hard. And it’s not hard because it’s new. It’s hard because 1, we can’t see what’s going to happen and 2, we’re not in full and total control. I love to be in control. I have to know everything. I need to know when, where, why, how, who, and everything else. In all honesty, this bad habit is the reason why God often times places me in situations that I have no power over. The only power I have is power over me.

Right now, I’m up against 5 major mountains and when I tell you I have absolutely no power over them, I mean NONE! The only thing I have power over is me. I can only control what I do, what I say, and how I act in response to the obstacles in front of me. I’ve deemed these situations God situations. God situations are the situations where all you have to make it through is prayer, fasting, and faith. That’s it.

When utilizing these 3 keys to get through, you begin to turn the mirror on yourself. You start to see the things that you would hate to see in other people. You start to see your bad habits, your toxic traits, and your shortcomings. You even start to see the bad choices that you hid from yourself just so you wouldn’t have to deal with them. In this season, I’ve started to see all of that. It hurt in the beginning, but then I realized how can I possibly be a light when I’m still living in the dark? So. I found my voice. I started saying things out loud. I started to be transparent with God. I started to be honest about the things that hurt so bad I ended up feeling nothing at all.

I didn’t really know that this period would come with all of this, but I’m honestly glad it did. I’ve learned how to extend grace. I’ve learned how to speak up and not whisper when it comes to expressing myself. I’ve even learned to continuously pray for myself while still praying for others. Now, I’m not all the way there yet. I still struggle with self-control, forgiveness, forgetting, and other things, but I started and I’m trying. As long as you start and you’re trying, that’s what’s pleasing in God’s eyes. So with that being said, I’m praying that we all Survive The Shift. Pastor K preached about this a couple of months ago and this message couldn’t have come at a better time. My only desire is that we all become our very best selves through God. The only way we can see God is if we choose to see ourselves the exact way He sees us. The parts that are broken and tainted and we still look at ourselves and say “You’re still worth it.” We have to survive the shift. It hurts. I know. But nothing worth having comes easy.

Talk to me anytime. I’m always here. I love you. I’ll be praying for you.

You were created with a divine purpose that will ultimately lead to your destiny. God bless you.

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