From The Inside

I want to be better. And not just better for a moment. I want to be better for forever. I want to constantly change everyday fighting to become the very best version of myself. I’ve done bad things. I’ve said some horrible stuff. I’ve been in some places I had no business being in. BUT God still gives me a chance day after day to be better.

So yeah. I’m gonna fight to be better. Better than what I’ve seen. Better than what I’ve heard. I’m gonna change the trajectory of my bloodline. I’m gonna break the generational curses. I’m gonna be the one to make the devil get nervous at the sound of my feet hitting the floor. I’m gonna make God so proud that He’s going to shed at least one tear of gladness knowing that his daughter finally got it. That’s the goal. I can’t wait. I’m excited for this. I’m excited for my better.

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