Dear Daughter

Daughter, you’re always so busy. Never doing one thing at a time. You’ve started losing sleep again too. You ask me for my time and then when I don’t come quick enough, you become impatient. Do you not remember every time I came through for you? It may have taken a while, but I worked it out for you. And in that time of waiting, I was right by your side. I never left you. You asked me to fix it with tears falling from your eyes, and as I sit here by your side, you keep forgetting. You keep forgetting to follow me. To follow me through and through. Daughter, I cannot Fix it if you don’t Follow me. So, come here. Take my hand. Walk with me. I’ll never leave you. I know they did, but I promised you I never would. I know that’s what you fear. That’s why you push me away. You’re expectant of me to leave you soon enough. But I won’t. I promise. I love you. Now Follow your Father so I can Fix it.

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